Apocalypso Media LLC is a new eBook publisher and arts collective that will release previously published and unreleased historical chronologies written by the late James Trager, noted historian and author of the acclaimed The People’s Chronology: A Year-By-Year Account of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present first published in 1979, featured on Microsoft’s Bookshelf reference suite in the 1990s and now updated and available as an eBook from Gale Cengage.

In addition, Apocalypso Media LLC is committed to publishing books by his son, Oliver Trager, and the works of other authors.

As we widen our catalogue, we hope to release eBooks on subjects diverse as: automobiles, New York City, food, women, Bob Dylan, American comedy, photography, baseball, and the graphic arts.

Some of our eBooks — such as the forthcoming All Cylinders: Cars of the 1950s (Deluxe) and Dig Infinity! The Life & Art of Lord Buckley — are envisioned as an interactive, immersive, multi-touch eBook for the iPad. Others will present a more traditional reading experience. Whatever the future holds, Apocalypso Media LLC plans an ambitious, compelling and exotic  catalogue for the worldly and curious reader.